Macho Man Detroit Lions Season Ticket Holder And Super Fan Just Wants To Stand Up And Cheer, Gets Ejected

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Nice Move

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The Detroit Lions finally won their first game of the season, but suffered a major loss to their franchise in the process.

Some dirty shit down at FF

Posted by Earl Spring on Sunday, October 18, 2015

How you going to do the Michigan version of Macho Man Randy Savage and his powerfully stoic friend “Detroit Don” dirty like that, Lions? For standing up and freakin’ cheering. On defense! A guy that “Ain’t been ejected ain’t had an innncident in a hundred and some odd games.” Dude has the ink to prove that he’s suffered through Detroit loss after Detroit loss, yet you toss him out when you finally win despite the shoulder pads that show he’s willing to go in when his number’s called on and a lion hat that is pure fire flames. Shameful, Lions. Shameful.


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