Apparently, Everything Is A Touchdown In Madden ’17

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Nice Move

Madden ’17 hit the shelves last week and the people who designed it must have forgotten that it’s important to test your product before sending it out to the masses. The game this year is, as usual, filled with a few glitches that left some users getting screwed outta some wins.

Here we have Denver winning a game in OT thanks to kneeling on the kickoff.

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To be honest, with Trevor Siemian at the helm, Denver needs this kind of rule in the rule book so they can put a few points on the board.

Next up, we have the Vikings getting screwed out of a close win against the Titans.

If this happened to me against a real opponent, there’s a 100 percent chance my controller is going through his face.

Lastly, we have the Texans getting a few breaks against the Bears.

Given how the Bears’ offseason has gone, I could actually see this happening in real life and no one getting upset.

It’s nice to see this year’s developers were just going through the motions over at EA Sports. I can bet they were doing this as some sort of protest to bring back NCAA Football. NCAA Football was perfect and no one would have protested its development.

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