Is Madison Bumgarner The Greatest Pitcher Ever? Let’s Debate

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Madison Bumgarner is not human. ESPN reminded us throughout last night’s broadcast how MadBum hadn’t ever allowed a run in a winner-take-all playoff game. Well, once again, he did it to the New York Mets last night, leading them forth to a showdown with the Cubs.

He’s made himself a name as a gamer when it comes to playoff pitching. However, it’s not just what he does on the mound that makes him great; his off-field skills contribute as well. Lest we forget he once dated a girl with the name Madison Bumgarner, and has been dipping since the 5th grade.

As further evidence, we submit this interview with Buster Olney that occurred after the game.

So elegant. Like a mini Gregg Popovich or Mike Leach in the making. What happened in the clubhouse after the game, though, is what really separates him from the rest of the future hall of famers out there.

The man is a character. He’s never going to not chug multiple beers at once after each round win. If there’s anything certain in baseball in this decade, it’s that if the Giants are in the playoffs in an even year, they are winning the World Series. So expect to see a lot more of this over the next month.

Pitching-wise, is MadBum the greatest pitcher ever? No. But is he the greatest for being really good at pitching and killing it off the field as well? Yes.

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