Man In Gorilla Suit Drags Child On Sidelines During High School Football Game

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Nice Move

A high school in Cincinnati has made Harambe their football team’s mascot in a touching tribute to the late silverback gorilla.

The man in the suit knows how to put on a show, too. He was spotted at the last home game chasing a man in a banana suit and even dragging a child on the sidelines.

That’s a great way to end up shot. Also, this went down at a high school, so whip out your dicks with extreme caution.

I know a lot of y’all are sick of this meme. While it’s only recently made a comeback in the wider world, it’s been on this site for a month now. But you have to appreciate these kids’ dedication. That’s just funny stuff right there.

Harambe has also taken over the world of baseball. A kid in a Harambe jersey, complete with a number 69, stormed the field during the Red Sox-Royals game on Sunday.

Done in loving memory of Harambe #RIP

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What a time.


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