Man Hits $14 Million Slot Machine Jackpot And Gives It ALL To His Church

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Nice Move

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A Las Vegas local, who admits he isn’t much of a gambler, hit the casino recently to show his out-of-town friend a good time. He hit the jackpot and won over $14,000,000, not a dime of which he is keeping. It’s all going to his church.

From Fox News Insider:

The man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said he’s not a regular gambler and he was just playing the slot machines at Rampart Casino with a friend when he hit the jackpot.

The check for $14,282,544.21 was made out to “Rampart Lucky Local.”

The man revealed that he will donate the money to his church for a brand-new building, as the congregation has been meeting in a high school gymnasium.

Not even keeping a cool mill for fun money.

Because he is choosing to remain anonymous, the two gentlemen pictured above, standing in his place, are Rampart Casino officials. And these are the two most forced smiles you’ll ever see. The casino just took a 14 million dollar hit and now they have to hold one of those giant Happy Gilmore checks and pretend they’re thrilled for the guy and his church. No one hits that jackpot. It’s supposed to go a lifetime without paying out.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Good for the church. Feel good story. All that stuff. Whatever. This guy could have been living the high life.

[via Fox News Insider]


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