Man Orders Prostitute Only To Be Met By His Daughter

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Nice Move

A man in Zimbabwe ordered a prostitute to his hotel room, only to have his 20-year-old whore daughter knock on the door. He immediately collapsed from shock as the world’s worst daughter fled the scene. No word on if she raided his wallet first, though I believe standard foreign prostitute operating procedure goes out the window in such a unique situation.

As a father, this is probably the ultimate worst nightmare. Having some marital problems and dabbling with whores is no big deal, it happens thousands of times a day all over the world. However, when your daughter shows up at the door as you have a hundred dollar bill or dirty Zimbabwean Monopoly money sticking out of your zipper, shit hits the fan really fast. So many missed dance recitals must have flashed in front of his eyes just before he collapsed.

It’s difficult to imagine a more awkward way to discover the truth. Not only is your precious little girl a nut gobbling hooker, but she was coming to fuck YOU. I wonder if it was a really long awkward moment or if both of them simultaneously screamed out, “Don’t tell Mom!” like they were in a 90s sitcom.

[via The Huffington Post]



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