The Coolest Shit From The Man Outfitters Spring Collection

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The Man Outfitters spring collection is here, it’s stocked with the best men’s brands in the game, and a lot of people are calling it the greatest collection of men’s spring attire the world has ever seen. There are many great options from brands like Vineyard Vines, RVCA, TravisMathew, Olukai, Southern Marsh and Columbia, and you can see the entire collection right here, all 221 items, but allow me to point you toward some definite winners so you can start dressing less shitty.

These are some of my favorites from the new collection.

‘In Love with the Coco’ Hawaiian Shirt by Rowdy Gentleman


I love what Rowdy Gentleman is doing with Hawaiians, and this one is in their starting rotation. In love with the coco. Get it? What a shirt. It’s not my favorite RG Hawaiian, though. More on that later.

‘Vintage Whale’ Pocket Tee from Vineyard Vines


I’m a slut for long sleeve tees, and this one has me brimming. Think about it.

‘Turks’ Performance Golf Polo by TravisMathew


TravisMathew, like Mizzen+Main, is one of those brands I’m so into that I won’t stop telling people about until everyone has at least one. They’re that good. So comfortable, fit so well, and look so damn good.

‘Kennedy Stripe’ Golf Polo by Vineyard Vines


It’s golf season. Look presentable on the course for me one time.

‘Performance Links’ Shorts – 9″ Inseam by Vineyard Vines


It’s golf season. Look presentable on the course for me one time for the love of God.

‘Baggies’ Shorts – 7″ Inseam by Patagonia


I don’t have any Baggies yet but a few guys in the office wear them basically every other day and they won’t STFU about them. Will deFries is trying to get sponsored by Baggies or some shit. It’s out of control.

‘Baggies’ Shorts – 5″ Inseam by Patagonia


If you’re into Baggies but also you’re into the possibility of your balls spilling out of them, go with the five inchers.

‘Backcast II’ Swim Shorts – 6″ Inseam by Columbia


Set it high and watch me sky over the net and spike it down hard as fuck in these bad boys.

Hamilton Driver 1-Eye Driving Shoe by Sperry


This is just one asshole’s opinion, but this is easily the best looking loafer Sperry has ever made. I’m into a good driver, and this is a damn fine driver.

‘Fish Strap’ Sandals by Rainbow


Get you a Rainbow sandal with a fish on it so it tells people you take your footwear seriously but also you’re kind of a wildcard who might fuck around and do a gainer off the side of a MasterCraft.

‘Rhodes’ Athletic Shorts – 8″ Inseam by TravisMathew


Spring time means pool season. Look like you at least know what the inside of a gym looks like. And if you do spend some actual time in there, go in these. Look good, feel good, play good.

Polly Want a Mai Thai? Hawaiian Shirt by Rowdy Gentleman


My favorite Hawaiian Rowdy Gentleman has ever made, bar none. Look at these parrots. Look at them.

‘Kinosian’ Athletic Tee by TravisMathew


Treat yourself to a TravisMathew tee if you’re into sharp-looking, perfectly fitting, comfortable, stretchy shirts than you can work out in or wear around town. I don’t know what else to tell you people. I can only take you so far in this process.

‘Pleasant Valley’ Plaid Slim Fit Tucker Shirt by Vineyard Vines


I got to choose one VV shirt when we launched them on the site. I chose this one. I own it. I wear it. It’s cut perfectly and I look fanfuckingtastic in it.

‘P-Label Stand Up’ Hat by Patagonia


Get you a rope, if you can pull it off.

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Dillon Cheverere

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