Man Repeatedly Calls Police After Wife Throws Out His Beer

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Nice Move

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I’ll just come out and say it–I’ve never seen a woman alive in the flesh before. Embarrassing, right? I have seen one just in the flesh, though. In a ditch. And, from what I gathered after poking her with a stick, it seems like I’m not missing much.

Women like 49-year-old Florida man Carlos Bueno Mir’s wife are so terrible that they make me rejoice in never having interacted with the fairer sex.

According to police, officers responded to Bueno Mir’s home after receiving one of his 911 calls. He appeared intoxicated and told the officers his wife had “thrown out his beer,” police said.

The officers told Bueno Mir his situation wasn’t an emergency and told him not to call 911 unless he had an emergency. But Bueno Mir continued to call 911, and began yelling that someone had broken two of his beers during one of the calls, police said.

He was later taken into custody.

The po-po acted like Carlos was in the wrong here. Sure, they told him to stop, and yes, I concede that he did not, but the police should have realized what was going on! It’s pretty clear. Carlos’ first call was about his wife throwing out his beer. Then, as you can see, the beer somehow magically returned to him; one can only assume some sort of ghost, demon, or ethereal specter brought it back. Said specter then began breaking Carlos’ precious beer in front of his very eyes. Poor guy.

Our main man Carlos was in a hostile situation opposite two evil, beer-hating opponents. I would’ve done the same thing, man.

[via NBC Connecticut]

Image via Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office


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