Man Rubs Fire Ants On Junk, Makes “Ice Bucket Challenge” Look Soft

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Nice Move

Man Rub Fire Ants On Junk, Makes "Ice Bucket Challenge" Look Soft

Upping the ante on the western world’s “ice bucket challenge,” one man in Thailand attempted to kick-start a “red ant challenge” movement by rubbing a nest of the biting insects on his junk.

The dude took off his clothes and let a friend stick a branch covered in the little bastards into the front of his underwear. Once the ants began feasting on his Thailand Talleywhacker, his reaction was exactly what you’d expect.

Everything about this clip is internet gold. From the Mortal Kombat-esque rock music playing over the extremely out-of-shape, slow-motion striptease, to the high-pitched squeals of agony and the tiny speck of light covering his pecker.

My Thai is a little rusty, so I’m not sure what charity he was attempting to raise awareness for. Genital herpes? Whatever the cause, it must be important if he sacrificed his peter in the name of it.

The trend has yet to catch on, so it is critical we all do our part. Grab a camera and call out your friends, then drop trough and start humping a red ant hill. Do it today. Do it for genital herpes or whatever.


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