Man Shotguns Beer Every Day For A Year, Documents It; Results Are Unsurprisingly Awesome

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Nice Move

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Whoever Aaron Semmel is, I want to buy him a fucking beer. If that happened, I assume he would then immediately jab a key into it and take it down to meet his quota for shotgunning a beer every day for a year. That’s right, this guy is shotgunning a beer every day for the next 365 days and posting it on his Instagram.

When I first heard of his account, shotgunabeereveryday, I sarcastically thought, “Oh sweet, some try-hard just shotgunning a beer in his frat house every day. How FRRRAATTTT.” But it is so much more than that.

Semmel has made it his duty to not only shotgun a beer every day for the next year, but to do it in a way that makes me want to see how he’s going to do it next. He may have some discrepancies hitting the exact date because some of them are posted in the early morning, but I’m willing to cut him a break. If I shotgunned a beer every day, I would barely be able to keep myself from immediately going into party mode, let alone document something.

I don’t know why this kind of brilliant mind isn’t more celebrated, but I’m sure everyone here can appreciate Semmel’s ability to transform one of our favorite pastimes into art. Just look at some of these:

Here, Aaron displays the amalgamation of cultures in this country by shotgunning a PBR in the middle of a drum dance.

What I can only assume is a note on efficiency and utilitarianism in such modern times.

In this clip, it’s as if Aaron wants to say he is giving the world a piece of himself with this project.

Aaron takes his project to another art display. I don’t know why the girl shotgunned like that, but it really made me feel funny, and that’s what art is all about.

This one is my personal favorite–look at him ripping that ‘gun straight from the sixer. Sometimes the walk to the car is too long and the removal process is too strenuous. Plus, if you leave the cans in the plastic thing, you save dolphins or something. #YesAllDolphins

This project is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and it is clear that Semmel is making a statement about enjoying life one day at a time…by taking 12 ounces of light beer straight to the face.

Image via Instagram

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