Man Throws Kittens Out of Speeding Vehicle in Small Wisconsin Town

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Nice Move

It started just like any other Wisconsin Saturday morning: brisk, depressing, and with the pungent overtones of processed cheese wafting through the air. Little did the quaint residents of Neenah, WI, know that their little town would soon host a kitten tossing rampage.

While an average horrible person would simply release their unwanted kittens into the unforgiving wild to be mauled by eagles and coyotes, or perhaps feed them to their German Shepherd, the driver of an unidentified white Jeep reportedly decided to toss two infant kittens out of his window as he sped through the humble town.

One of the kittens ended up tumbling its fragile body into a storm drain (which I’m sure was actually pretty funny to see). Police reported 45-minutes later and fished the mewing victim out with a net.

The second kitten, after the unexpected flight, somehow made its way under the hood of a nearby parked car. Despite natural selection’s best efforts to weed out this clearly retarded animal, the kitten was found before the vehicle could annihilate it in its motor-oiled microwave of a hiding spot.

The kitten tosser escaped and is presumably now on PETA’s Most Wanted list and fearing for his life. Make no mistake, PETA has offed a motherfucker for less than a kitten toss.

In a time of such feline tragedy, one must wonder what could inspire such a hysterical, but horrific act. Is he a sick and twisted individual in stage one of however many stages it takes to become a hooker chopping serial killer? Was he just a dog person? Maybe he really hates internet memes. With the suspect still at large, we are left only to wonder until he decides to once again hurl kittens from his speeding vehicle and into the big bad world Wisconsin countryside.

Both kittens are recovering at the Neenah Animal Shelter, with minor injuries, because everyone knows a cat is going to land on its feet. When asked for comment, the kittens only reply was “I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER?”



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      Yo Soy Fiesta

      Wow that is ironic. Tried to shit on his comment and missed the reply button and fucked up the link in the process. I will take my laps and then call it a day.

      ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago
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      A very origional comment Mr. Free. Im gunna take a guess and say you live somewhere up in the great white north. Mabey Chicago or a similar city of that stature. I’ll aslo branch out on a limb and say you have one of those yankee accents that makes all the girls panties drip like leaky hose pipe. I would say i hate to be a prick to someone i dont know, but that wouldn’t be true. Hopefully you soon will contract Sickle Cell, and your first born child have a mix between down syndrome and autism, or be born with one eye.

      ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago

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