Manziel Reportedly Showed Up To A Wednesday Practice Hammered Drunk

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Nice Move

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According to NFL Network’s Mike Silver, Johnny Manziel showed up drunk to a practice late in the season. It was a week in which he was projected as the starter.

Also according to Silver’s report, the Browns lied about the incident and instead informed the media that the reason Manziel was not practicing was that he was undergoing concussion protocols — in effect, enabling Manziel.

I have this theory that I’m sure is 100% dead on: An elevated BAC is actually a performance enhancer in very mechanically-centric sports. These sports include ones that take years to fine-tune and master, requiring laser focus. These sports are also ones that don’t require much physical exertion, because alcohol severely inhibits that. Take golf, for example. Mechanics and mental focus are vital in golf. The higher the BAC, the less your mind gets in the way, the less you think about your mechanics, the more free-flowing your swing is, and the better you play.

I’m actually pitching a video idea to our friends at Callaway about this theory. Maybe a spin on that Sports Science segment that’s so popular. They’d fly me out somewhere, hook me up to a computer, start funneling cheap beer down my throat, and hand me a 7-iron. Then boom, I’m a genius.

Anyway, football is definitely not one of these sports.

[via NFL Network]

Image via Instagram/ @jmanziel2


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