Mark Dantonio Is Kinda A Dick, Kept Hanging Up On Radio Show

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Nice Move

Mark Dantonio

The curmudgeon in east Lansing is at it again, this time hanging up on a FOX Sports phone interview after proclaiming their “questions don’t make a lot of sense.”

Dantonio, who apparently believed the state of his team’s biggest rival, Michigan, the departure of the most decorated quarterback in school history, Connor Cook, and innocuous “who’s under center?” questions were simply too much to handle, censored more questions than a North Korean town hall meeting moderator.

Dantonio, again playing the “disrespect” card heading into what most prognosticators believe will be a down season for the Spartans in 2016, completely ignored all mention of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, just one day after the Wolverines debuted their new Jumpman uniforms.

The “Dean of Discipline,” as he was once called, who led the Spartans to their longest 10+ win season streak in MSU history, is still the angriest of them all.

So coach, what did you think of those new jerseys in Ann Arbor?

[via Detroit Free Press]

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