Mark Richt Sends Letter To Trash-Talking Clemson Fan, Lets Him Know Georgia Is Better

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Nice Move

After beating down Clemson in the Bulldogs’ season opener, UGA coach Mark Richt was feeling a bit vindictive toward one confident Clemson fan, who had mailed him a trash-talk letter during the summer (for reasons unknown to normal people) telling him that the Tigers would thrash Richt and his team.

Here is a photo of Richt’s response, acquired by Deadspin:


Richt also included a cutout of a headline that read, “Georgia stomps Clemson 45 to 21,” which means he was so determined to own this redneck Clemson fan that he was willing to go into his office and scavenge for a pair of scissors and then spend a minute or two making it look clean-cut and pristine.

I suppose we can all question the authenticity of the letter, but let’s hope to God that it’s real. College football is such a magical thing.

[via Deadspin]


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