Maryland’s KA Chapter Live Tweeted Their Fall 2016 Housing Draft And It’s As Entertaining As Ever

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It’s the most wonderful time that happens twice a year: University of Maryland Kappa Alpha Order’s room draft. If you’re relatively new to the site, here’s the skinny. Biannually (once before spring semester and once before fall semester), KA at Maryland goes through the process of assigning fraternity house rooms to brothers in the chapter. The manner in which they do this is via a live draft based on housing points, with officers and senior brothers generally choosing first and the young’ns choosing last. For the enjoyment of the world, one glorious KA live tweets the entire thing in such a way that we, the viewers, are let in on the inside jokes of their chapter and their house culture, if only for a little while. Reading this thing is like getting a “Be a Maryland KA for a day” pass, and it’s supremely fun to follow along. So follow along.

Check out Maryland KA’s past housing drafts (they’re still as amazing as the days on which they went down):

Spring 2014

Fall 2014

Spring 2015

Fall 2015

Spring 2016

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