Matt Cain Had a Hell of a Wednesday

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Nice Move

While sitting in a ballpark enjoying a major league or college baseball game, I often find myself wondering, “How far could I drive a golf ball out of this park? I bet I could hit that shit clear out of the stadium and across the street.” As an avid baseball and golf fan, I consider this is a pretty standard day dream scenario. And a dream come true it would be.

Well, on Wednesday June 13, Giants pitcher Matt Cain got to do just that. Dustin Johnson was in San Francisco to throw out the first pitch of the Giants vs. Astros game, and just like any self-respecting man would do, he brought his clubs with him. Always be ready, gentlemen. You never know when you’ll need your sticks, you know for things like impromptu golf rounds with some friends or the chance to rip a drive out of AT&T Park and into McCovey Cove. With Johnson’s driver, Cain drove a golf ball into the San Francisco Bay, and as if his day wasn’t fulfilled enough, he went out and pitched a perfect game later that day.

Matt Cain got to live out two probable lifelong fantasies in the same day. How many of you can beat that? In an even sicker twist of fate, the kid has a beautiful swing, too.


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