Matthew McConaughey Says Texas Is Going To “Whoop TCU’s Ass” So Obviously It Will Happen

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Nice Move

A local Austin reporter caught up with Matthew McConaughey leaving what I assume was a head shop along South Congress in Austin to ask him about the Charlie Strong situation. She didn’t ask him about the Texas-TCU game this Friday, but he spoke on that, too.

McConaughey has that Joe Biden condition where everything he says and does is effortlessly cool or funny.

Let us not forget that he delivered the greatest pregame speech of all time that was the sole reason for Texas beating Notre Dame in a thriller in week one. This was the game that made people say Texas was “back” because Notre Dame was good, then it turned out Notre Dame was just a really bad team that barely lost to a really bad Texas. Good times in Austin.

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Sorry, TCU. Texas by a million.

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