Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Promoter Not Satisfied With $400,000,000, Is Throwing Out Lawsuits Against Periscope And Other Video Apps

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Nice Move

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The president of fight promoter Top Rank Inc. is planning to take legal action against video-sharing apps like Periscope because apparently getting a chunk of the $400,000,000 from the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight wasn’t enough of a take for him.

From The LA Times:

Todd DuBoef said Top Rank, co-promoter of Saturday’s blockbuster fight, plans to pursue legal action against video-sharing companies and individuals it determines were illegally streaming the fight.

“We’ll have to pursue any people who are allowing people to distribute something that is behind a proprietary wall,” DuBoef said. “We’ll have to challenge those technology companies that are facilitating it and we’re going to have to take a legal position against them.”

Real talk, I’d like to start a class action lawsuit against the buffoons that thought that abortion was worth charging $100 for. Not for myself of course. I knew exactly what the fight was going to be, so I didn’t pay for it. I will proudly admit I scoped the entire thing. Come at me, DuBoef. But I’d like to represent the millions of others unfamiliar with Mayweather’s tactics that were personally sodomized for twelve rounds. If you gave them a choice of watching that fight again and being water-boarded, 100% go with the latter.

[via The LA Times]

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