Mayweather Wins $181,818 on Cowboys, Still Down $2,818,182

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Nice Move

We reported last week that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. bet $3 million on Michigan to cover the spread against Alabama. The Wolverines looked totally befuddled offensively and got their shit pushed in by a young, dangerous Tide defense. And Money May felt it in his pocket book. Now he’s trying to earn it back.

He hit the Cowboys-Giants game pretty big, six figures big.

So, it’s evident that Floyd is a degenerate gambler who tweets photos of his winning tickets, so it’s not unfathomable to believe he would have money riding on the biggest college football game of the opening weekend, even though he is denying it. It’s funny, though – I haven’t scrolled through all of his photos, but I’m guessing he doesn’t share his losing tickets with the world.

C’mon, Floyd. Dig that $3 million loser out of the trash and share it with us.



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