Meet Bryson DeChambeau, The Most Interesting Golfer In America

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Nice Move

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Last year’s NCAA Men’s golfing champion and USGA Amateur champion, Bryson DeChambeau is a character to say the least. The 22-year-old kid from California made a name for himself playing golf at SMU. He calls himself the “Golf Scientist.” After watching NBC 5’s David Watkins’ piece on the kid, it’s easy to see why.

Kid is a straight golfing maniac. Who in their right mind uses clubs that are the same length and weight? The only difference between his clubs is that each face is lofted 4 degrees higher since he claims that intrinsically adds 12 yards of distance. Every one of his clubs is built to be just like a 7-iron. He doesn’t have to change posture or swing for different clubs. Smart as hell when you think about it for a bit.

It’s sad that the NCAA dicked over SMU and Bryson won’t be able to defend his crown this year, but I think going pro after he competes in the Masters is a great back up plan. DeChambeau is the current leader of the European Tour’s Abu Dhabi Championship — 4 shots up on Spieth.


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