Meet The 23-Year-Old AEPi That Just Managed American Pharaoh To A Triple Crown

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Nice Move

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I thought I had a good life up to this point. I grew up in a loving, upper-middle class family in the burbs, dicked around for four years in Florida majoring in Cinema Studies, got a respectable internship turned job at a major cable network, and have been afforded the opportunity to throw it all away to become a smut peddler in Austin, Texas with the full support of that loving Northeastern family of mine. Everything was seemingly coming up Regester. That was until I found out about the existence of one Justin Zayat.

Justin Zayat, an AEPi from NYU, just graduated with an economics degree last month. Now, obviously that’s not the reason I’m resentful. Every encounter I’ve ever had with a student from NYU ends with a massive migraine, and I can barely do long division let alone whatever the fuck it is that people in economics do.

No, I’m envious because the 23-year-old is the racing and stallion manager of his family owned Zayat Stables. You might have heard of them in the news recently. They just own some upstart thoroughbred by the name of American Pharaoh.

From Daily Mail:

The New Jersey native was introduced to the sport when his father, Egyptian-American Ahmed Zayat, bought into horse racing in 2005, when his son was just 14 years old. He now owns 200 horses.

‘I [went] to class, I go to parties, I’m in a frat, I hang out with my friends,’ he told USA Today. ‘I try to have a fun college life, but at the same time I know how much responsibility I have. But it’s not work.’

‘Trust me, I wouldn’t trade places with anybody. It’s been a distraction, but it’s definitely been a good distraction,’ he added.

You sure, Justin? If you’re trying to swap lives, I’m only a phone call away. Distractions in my life are a little less strenuous. Where you’re busy dealing with all of this Triple Crown hoopla, I’m over here just living the dream deciding if I can push back paying the electric company for another month. It’s downright exhilarating, knowing at any moment the power can be cut. That’s living life right there.

Way to aim high, Dad.

[via Daily Mail]

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