Meet The Most Violent, Inbred West Virginian You Will Ever See, Street Fighter Bucky Boyd (VIDEO)

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Nice Move

When moonshine, meth, and incest scramble eggs inside the ovaries and sever the tails off of sperm, this man is what you get. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bucky Boyd, undefeated street fighter at a self proclaimed 41-0, and West Virginia’s West Virginia-iest West Virginian.

This man is a marvel of breeding gone wrong. It’s as if a genetic military experiment that went horribly awry escaped into the West Virginia mountains and spent its formative years subsisting on nothing but raccoon and other small game, learning of the world only through reading the faded synopsis on the back of a discarded WWF Ultimate Warrior video cassette he found when venturing near the road.

Honestly, I have no more commentary than that. Just watch this video. It’s amazing.

I would pay untold amounts of money to see this fight.

/Looks up plane ticket to West Virginia and admission for the event

So about $405 dollars. $410 if I get nachos.


Here’s another one, about the same fight, or at least the same fighter, he being “The Tree.” Enjoy.

***UPDATE 2***

Aaaaand we have the fight Bucky Boyd is referencing. H/T to FreedomAndFratting.

[via Middle Easy]

h/t to @StelloLikeItIs



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