Meet The Nerdiest Groomsman In Wedding History

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Nice Move

He’s none other than billionaire Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page, and he just revolutionized the nerdy groomsmen game.

Page was given the esteemed honor to stand in as a groomsman for his brother-in-law’s wedding in Motovun, Croatia. Quick note: his BIL’s name is McLain Southworth. How F is that name? Larry showed up to the altar looking like this:


Page was shamelessly and confidently rocking Google’s new Google Glasses like he had a 14-inch lap hog visibly hanging down a pant leg — with bullish fortitude and the biggest/toothiest/gummiest/horse-faced/shit-eating grin I’ve ever seen to match it. Just putting “nerdy” on the map in eastern Europe. I respect this guy’s game so bad it hurts. If it’s possible to make nerdy cool, this guy is going to figure out how to accomplish it, and sporting Google Glasses around a bunch of peasants at your brother-in-law’s wedding is Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Page, 40, looked like he was having a great time with his high-tech toy – which allows the user to snap pictures with just a wink.

There’s something I just learned. You can snap photos while wearing these lady killers by simply winking. Unreal. You’re trying to tell me this cat is just strutting around this wedding reception, winking at chicks and snapping photos at the same time, filling his spank material file to the brim with photos of bridesmaids and slutty aunts and cousins? Can’t stop this guy. Won’t stop this guy. I have to get me some of these. Distract her with a finger pistol, snap her with a wink. Perv Central.

Check out Larry peeping babes while standing at the altar:


Here he is at the reception, still peeping babes:


Peeping from a distance:


As if I weren’t already sweating Larry Page enough, check out what kind of trophy wife a 40-year-old billionaire tech nerd can buy:


I’m gonna be sick.

[via Daily Mail]



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