Melissa Click Gets What Was Coming To Her, Charged With Assault For Her Role In Missouri Protests

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Nice Move


Back in November, the internet went wild over the #ConcernedStudent1950 protests happening on the Missouri campus. The incidents caused a forceful exit of Missouri’s president, Tim Wolfe. Another incident, which is now a viral video, involved a Missouri media professor using force on student journalists for filming the protests (which was well within their rights). That professor is Melissa Click and she is now infamous for asking for “some muscle” to have students removed.

Two months ago, the student who was trying to video the protests, Mark Schierbecker, filed an assault claim against Click. And now, we have closure on the charges.

Good. Melissa Click deserves every bad thing that is coming to her as a result of this, and it’s a damn shame the school hasn’t canned her yet. No wonder enrollment numbers are down since the protests.

Practice what you preach or suffer the consequences.

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