Miami Face Eater Wasn’t on Bath Salts, Zombie Apocalypse May Be Imminent

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According to a recent Fox News article, after extensive laboratory drug screenings, it has been determined that the infamous “Miami Zombie” was not under the influence of bath salts.

After multiple tests for both street and prescription drugs Rudy Eugene, the now deceased cheek-chewer, was determined to be completely clean for every existing drug except marijuana.

Marijuana is not likely to blame for this incident, as anyone’s experiences have shown: people who smoke it are infinitely more likely to watch Grandma’s Boy three times in a row rather than gnawing off someone’s upper lip. The munchies are one thing, but that reaction is just ridiculous, and effects not typical of reefer.

So what on Earth could be to blame for this blatantly inhuman behavior? Reports from his family and romantic partner both proclaim Eugene as a pretty nice guy, who they’d never suspect to snap so violently.

Now I’m a generally “believe it when I see it” kind of guy, but the fact that so many odd cannibalistic happenings have sprung up is more than a little concerning. Even worse, most of them are happening in my home state of Florida. Just saying, if you guys stop hearing from me anytime soon the natural assumption should be that the zombies are taking over. On the bright side, at least it looks like they’ll destroy Miami first.

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Nice Move


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      I think that is why zombies are so popular today. Our lives are so dominated by society and what it expects; much of which goes against our animalistic tendencies. Zombies are an outlet for these tendencies. Zombies are so human like and yet wholly on a different plane, so we don’t have to feel bad about bashing their brains in. They’re already dead! And life would be so much simpler: just find and steal food and nice cars (for free!) and don’t die. Girls would seemingly be up for so much more sex since their life or future would be so much more vulnerable to compromise and there would be a need for human reproduction.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 2 years ago
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      Well I was thinking it would be good that the first people to die during a zombie apocalypse would be hippies but yeah that’s good too.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 2 years ago

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