Miami Hurricanes Tweet Calls Out FSU Twitter, Annnnnd It Backfires

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Nice Move

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If you’ve ever found yourself in the rabbit hole that is FSU Twitter, then you know that you are dealing with pure scum. Just ask ESPN babe Michelle Beadle. She will confirm that these heathens are the absolute worst.

With the upcoming rivalry game against Miami this weekend, FSU fans turned their attention to Miami’s official Twitter page by bombarding it with typical trash talk. Miami had enough and tried to call them out.

Man, they got FSU so good with that burn. How will FSU ever recover from that? Shut it down, put a fork in this one, right? Nah, FSU Twitter is too persistent to simply lie down. Of course, they responded in typical FSU fan fashion.

Jonathan is just stealing tweets like Jameis steals crab legs.

Guys, guys, guys. There’s no need to argue on the internet. Everyone loses when you argue on the internet. Why don’t you let the teams duke it out on the field?

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