Michigan Alum Can Win A Cool $1M For Betting On His Rival Michigan State

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Michigan Alumni Can Win A Cool $1M For Betting On His Rival Michigan State

Question for all of you: How much money would you have to win in order to root for your worst enemy to win a championship? My roommate is a Texas alumnus and told me, “I’d rather watch the world burn than see those inbreds from Oklahoma win.” The thought of watching your biggest rival reign supreme over all of college sports for a year makes people cringe. It’s against your nature to root for them; it’s in your blood to pray they never win a game all season, unless you are Derek Stevens.

Derek Stevens, who owns two hotels in Las Vegas, walked into the sportsbook at the Golden Nugget on December 5 and dropped $20,000 on Michigan State to win the NCAA Tournament. The payout is a smooth $1M, a bet that had previously never been accepted there because the payout is so high. However, sportsbook director Tony Miller said fuck it and let that bitch go through.

From ESPN:

It was a relatively smooth conversation. The Spartans were at 50-1 to win it all at the time, having just lost their third game of the young, eight-game season to Notre Dame.

So Miller accepted Stevens’ $20,000 bet, never thinking he’d be sweating the possibility that the Spartans could pull it off.

He tweeted out the ticket for proof:

Is this guy the worst sports fan ever? Let’s not forget that Michigan was sitting at 6-1 and had yet to lose to New Jersey Institute of Technology at that point in the season. At least have a little faith in your team.

Personally, I’d have to take in at least six figures in winnings while risking no more than $100 to even remotely consider dropping money on my rivals to take home a title.

[via ESPN]


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