Michigan Billboard Looks To Bring Serial Playground Shitter To Justice

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Nice Move

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Pants should always stay on when you’re near, or on, a children’s playground. That’s actually the golden rule for any area where children are prevalent. If the thought, “Should I remove my pants right now?” enters your mind when children could potentially be in the area, the answer to that inner quandary is always–ALWAYS–no.

I bring this up because someone in Michigan can’t stop shitting on playground slides. Just shitting all over them. A marketing firm has doodifully programmed its highway billboard to display different encouraging messages for the locals to help bring the “poopetrator” to justice. They’re even using the hashtag #YPSIPOOPER to help spread the word.

From My Fox Detroit:

A Michigan advertising and marketing firm is lending a hand after learning a person has been leaving feces on playground slides in Ypsilanti.

Adams Outdoor Advertising in Ann Arbor has set up a billboard along I-94 near South Huron Street, exit 183, encouraging the public to turn in the mystery pooper.

It’s just a real shitty situation.

[via My Fox Detroit]


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