Michigan Fraternity Has Neighbors Steamed For Partying Too Much

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Michigan Fraternity Pissing Off Neighbors For Partying Too Much

Alpha Sigma Phi at the University of Michigan has come under fire recently. Surprisingly, it is not from some university official who is hell-bent on ending Greek life. Instead, they are facing some pissed off neighbors who are just downright sick and tired of all the partying they have been doing.

From MLive:

City officials are responding to neighbors’ concerns about alleged loud partying and drunken behavior at the Alpha Sigma Phi house at 920 Baldwin Ave.

The City Council is directing the city attorney to look into the reported problems and report back with options for remedying the situation.

Sorry for partying? Residents claim that the parties have not just been limited to the weekends either, but have spilled into the weekdays, as well. The horror! College kids partying during the week! Shame on them for doing such a thing. Think of the children!

Recently, at a community meeting, the president of the fraternity responded to their neighbor’s concerns with the most logical response you could think of.

Merton Shill said the fraternity president’s response to their concerns at a recent North Burns Park Association meeting was: “What do you expect when you live next to a fraternity?” He said they expect the fraternity to follow the law, and city ordinance states noise can’t travel beyond the property line after 10 p.m.

Gotta side with the fraternity prez, here. Sure, the law may state that noise can’t travel past the property line after 10 p.m., but come on, people. No one follows that law. Hell, when you’re living in the burbs, you’ll find that your neighbors are throwing a party next door. They’re grilling, throwing some back, laughing about old stories, and you can hear it all. But hey, we aren’t complaining. Just gotta let the good times roll.

This is a perfect example of #WhyWeNeedFrat…

[via MLive]

Image via Facebook/Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi


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