Michigan Running Back Gets Trucked By Forklift During Practice

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Nice Move

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If you thought you were having a shitty day, Michigan running back Drake Johnson got run over by a forklift this morning. I’m not kidding. Johnson, a 5th-year senior coming off of an ACL injury, and also a member of Michigan’s track team, was apparently stretching with his headphones on when the forklift (which supposedly “had something obstruct its vision”) struck him.

Johnson, who is expected to play a major role in the Michigan offense this season behind lead tailback Deveon Smith, is reportedly “ok,” taking to Twitter with a cryptic message thanking God, but in no way mentioning the incident directly.

While Johnson’s inability to notice a two ton machine bearing down on him is both odd, and an extremely impressive endorsement of the “noise cancellation” of whatever brand headphones he uses (I’d guess Beats like all other athletes), the forklift driver may have a bit more difficult of an explanation on his hands.

Jim Harbaugh, likely busy “rough housing” with underage boys, has not yet commented. It is unclear at this point the extent of Johnson’s injuries, or what affect this will have on his final season for the Maize & Blue, who are expected to begin the season ranked in the top 5 nationally.

I see kids almost walk in front of moving cars on an almost daily basis, but a forklift? That’s a new one.

Image via YouTube/MLive


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