Michigan State Campus Police Accidentally Send Out Text Warning Of Active Shooter On Campus

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Nice Move

As a smut peddler, very few bad things can happen if I accidentally hit ‘send’ before I proofread what I’ve written. Not so, if you’re the university police at Michigan State this morning. Instead of sending their severe weather alert, they accidentally told the whole campus community that there was an active shooter in Wilson Hall. You can imagine people might have been a bit concerned after seeing that text this morning.

Campus police quickly redacted the text and issued a statement saying they would contact the vendor to see what caused the issue, but I’m pretty sure the issue was some cop in summer mode, sitting at the station, absentmindedly selecting the alert type.

Michigan State University police have confirmed to wilx.com they accidentally sent out an alert that there had been a shooting at Wilson Hall on campus. Police were trying to send a severe weather alert when the wrong message was sent. It was followed by an email from alert@msu.edu reading, “The MSU Police accidentally sent a message of an active shooter on campus. THERE IS NO ACTIVE SHOOTER ON CAMPUS…THERE IS NO DANGER ON CAMPUS.”

Probably still drunk.

[via WILX 10]

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