Miguel Angel Jiminez Has The Best Old Man Warmup Routine In The Game

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Nice Move

Miguel Angel Jiminez Has An Awesome Masters Warmup And I'm Now Putting All My Money On Him

Is there anything Miguel can’t do? He’s just dominating life on the tour. From being the most interesting golfer in the world to celebrating hole-in-ones with a great old man dance, he’s one of the most entertaining golfers to play the game.

Today at Augusta is no different for Miguel. After making his way to the practice tees, he comes out swinging with an awesome warmup routine that includes him dropping it low. The crowd goes nuts.

What a boss. You have to respect those moves. And he does it all with a fat cigar in his mouth. So casual. Like he’s about to play a round with his boys at the local club, and he’s not at Augusta.

With this kind of routine, you can go ahead and put him in contention for the green jacket now. How can you hate this guy? Men want to be him; girls want to get with him.

Never change, Miguel.

h/t CBS Sports


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