Mike Ditka Ripped Ass On The Monday Night Football Set Because He Is Rich And Old And Doesn’t Give AF

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Nice Move

There is no way to prove this massive wet ass belch escaped the ass of Mike Ditka, but let’s be real, it was Mike Ditka who ripped ass during this segment on Monday Night Football.

Just look at Cris Carter’s reaction. It almost sounded fake — like a cartoon sound effect. You know that terrorized look in Carter’s eye means he’s dealt with a Ditka fart before, and he knows he is about to be on the highlight reel for the rest of the season.

No reason for Ditka to feel the need to hold it in. Who dares to judge Big Mike? The man has a Super Bowl ring, was in some less-than-stellar feature films, owns a delicious restaurant in downtown Chicago where he sits upstairs and smokes a cigar every night, is old and rich and can do whatever the fuck he pleases. You think one of those pussies on set is going to call him out for it? No way. Like some terrified production assistant is going to wander up to him on set during a commercial break and say, “Hey, Mike. Could you hold in your farts until the game starts, please?”

He’d get the stare down of his life.

Praise be to you, Lord Ditka.

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