Mike Evans Served Late Night Whataburger At His Wedding For Drunk Guests, Is A Genius

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Nice Move

Mike Evans Is A Genius, Serves Late Night Whataburger At Wedding For His Drunk Guests

When you’re drunk and looking for food, there are few options out there that surpass the greatness that is Whataburger. In fact, it was rated the best fast-food burger in America. So when former Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans was planning his wedding, he made sure that his guests would have the best drunk food when the late night hunger hit (served up on a silver platter, of course, because you gotta keep things fancy at a wedding).

The wedding game has forever been changed. Great move on Evans’ part. Even better that he picked the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, which is the greatest drunk food known to man.

Image via Instagram/@MikeEvans


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