Mike Leach Is An American Treasure

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Nice Move

So maybe pirate enthusiast Mike Leach is a painfully mediocre head coach who doesn’t believe in details like defense or running the football or winning conference championships, and yeah maybe he’s a total dickhead who stuffs his injured players in electrical closets for hours on end, but the man can work a room. Mike Leach in front of a mic is a must-watch situation.

Below is a video of Leach explaining how he chose junior running back Jamal Morrow as his team captain. If Mike is to be believed, and Mike wouldn’t lie, he chose Morrow because he once appeared on The Price is Right and “was fairly lucky and went to the final round and almost won the sucker.” Also he’s just crazy good at winning coin flips and smart enough to call heads or tails.

It is laugh out loud hilarious.

Mike Leach, American treasure.


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