Miley Cyrus’ Fully Naked Concert (Audience Too) Is A Great Way To Get Accidentally Sodomized

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Nice Move

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Miley Cyrus is teaming up with The Flaming Lips to put on a completely naked concert – audience included. According to her band’s Instagram, there will also be “white stuff that looks like milk,” sprayed all over the place as part of a shoot for her upcoming music video.

From Maxim:

Miley Cyrus is, in actuality, planning a nude concert with The Flaming Lips where the audience will also be naked. And everyone will be sprayed by milk from some unseen location. Sounds great! No one’s four-pies-in winter body is scared of such an idea, right?

A bunch of naked people smashed up against each other while Miley’s new electronic sound pulsates through the venue? I imagine this thing will quickly dissolve into a massive orgy, whether people are intending to have sex with each other or not.

If this is your cup of tea, I recommend taking a jaw-breaking amount of molly, covering your entire body in a giant condom, and paying close attention to who you stand in front of.

Bring earplugs, too:

[via Maxim]

Image via YouTube


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