Miley Cyrus Posts Completely Topless Photo On Instagram Because Women’s Rights Or Something

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Nice Move

Just Miley being Miley.


You have to love that last comment tagging Miley’s proud father, Billy Ray Cyrus, who is almost definitely polishing off a bottle of whiskey as we speak.

You can see the uncensored photo on Instagram here, although it will inevitably get pulled down and then just be available everywhere else on the internet by Googling “Miley Cyrus topless.”

UPDATE: It already got pulled, but search the #FreeTheNipple hashtag on Instagram and you’ll see it has been reposted roughly 47,918 times. Also, some other solid nips in there as well.

This whole #FreeTheNipple movement has something to do with women’s rights and the fact that men can bare their nipples in photos on social media without being flagged, but women can’t. I wholeheartedly support it. #FreeTheNipple


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