Miley Photo Gallery Hits The Web And It’s Downright Graphic

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Nice Move

I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about this Terry Richardson fella, but I do know I would never let him near any female in my life that I cared about. I’m pretty sure his job is simply to go around to different women and convince them to either take their clothes off or act really sexy, and then they let him film it and put it on the web. He’s really damn good at his job, too.

He’s the same guy who brought us the Kate Upton Cat Daddy video, among many other notables.

In his latest in a long line of voodoo mind control tricks, he convinced the polarizing Miley Cyrus to pose for photos wearing next to nothing. There may even be a glimpse of the pop star’s labia majora in a couple of these. I’m not sure; I didn’t really get to investigate because the internet at the office is down and I’m currently sitting in a Barnes and Noble surrounded by children.

I was able to grab a few SFW photos to drop in here for you, but if you want to see the rest, click here to view them. Some are NSFW.



Miley 2

Miley 1

[via Terry Richardson's Diary]


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Nice Move


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    • Captbluewater

      Those are definitely pepperoni nips. Miley is one bad bitch. She shows off those nips like a boss. And I wanna titty fuck that boss of a bitch.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 6 months ago

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