Millionaire’s @HiddenCash Twitter Account Is Giving Away Cash To Bay Area Residents

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Nice Move


In San Francisco, an anonymous millionaire is using Twitter to give away money. He uses his account, @HiddenCash, to guide San Francisco residents to envelopes filled with money.

This person seems pretty generous. The owner of the account says he does all of this as “an anonymous social experiment for good.” The person behind the account claims to be a real estate investor who wants to give back to the community. That’s a nice sentiment. It’s like the opposite of poop dollar. If I was this guy, I’d sit somewhere nearby, sipping champagne and watching poor people fight over $30. Clearly, though, this person has a soul.


The account’s purveyor told ABC News, “People complain that the price of real estate here is pretty high and I have benefited from that. I wanted to do something fun for the city of San Francisco, something that would get people excited.” So far, this person has given away almost $4,000. There is more to this experiment than just some rich guy giving away money, though. He understands that if the finder needs the money, then he or she should spend it on him or herself. What he really wants, however, is for those who find the money to be generous, too. He wants to see people donating some of the found money to a local charity, or to those who are more needy.

Apparently, the hidden money social experiment will expand to New York and Los Angeles soon. If you live in those cities, you might want to start following @HiddenCash.

[via ABC News]


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