Minnesota Reporter Frightened And Angered By Drunk, Rioting “Idiots”

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Nice Move

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The University of Minnesota lost the NCAA hockey championship this weekend, and while the regular world doesn’t care about college hockey, some states still covered in snow were particularly upset by this result.

The Fox affiliate in Minneapolis–for ratings reasons, perhaps–tried to stage the upset University of Minnesota student body as a group of rioting buffoons. The station went live to a local reporter on the scene of the “riot,” and it didn’t go well.

College students constantly harassed the reporter, and the network had to cut away from him before he could finish his story. Drunk dudes in UM sweatshirts kept putting their arms around him and interrupted him as he tried to overplay the significance of the riot. At one point, the reporter even lost his composure and called everyone around him an idiot. Check out the link below–it is hilarious.

Never go live to a group of drunk college kids. It will literally never end well.

Watch the video:

Image via KMSP


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