Vikings Fan’s Beer Freezes In Subzero Temperatures At Yesterday’s Game, He Chugs It Anyway

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Nice Move

Vikings Fan Notices Beer Froze During Game, Chugs It Anyway

During yesterday’s Seahawks-Vikings Wild Card game, temperatures dropped below zero and the wind chill made it feel nearly 20 degrees colder. Needless to say, it was fucking freezing. Wasn’t cold enough for this 88-year-old badass to wear sleeves though.

But it was cold enough to turn the nectar of the gods into ice. One Vikings fan found this out the hard way when he looked down to find his open can of Miller Lite was starting to freeze.

So what’s a guy to do when his beer is freezing more and more as time goes on? You chug that shit, even it’s a little slushie.

No beer left behind is a movement I thin we can all get behind. While the Vikings may have had ice in their beer, Blair Walsh didn’t have ice in his veins. BOOOOOM ROASTED.


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