Minnesota Vikings Players Honor Harambe With Pre-Game Tribute

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Nice Move

Harambe continues his beyond-the-grave reign of pop culture supremacy. This time, “He Who Must Be Named In Every Possible Situation” has made his way into the land of Goodell.

9/11 seems an interesting day on which to pull this stunt, but you can’t really blame these dudes; they probably had no idea their chant would go off on social media.

“Spoons Out For Harambe” is definitely a new one. I’m pretty sure I see where they’re coming from (a “we eatin’!” reference?), but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue. Also, while I always have my penis on hand (and oftentimes in hand), I don’t always have a spoon on me. That makes honoring Harambe pretty difficult unless I’m in a kitchen, at a picnic, or am enjoying the tender and embracing caress of one of the large, burly men at the all-male bath house my girlfriend.

Long story frat, I don’t think you can expect to see a “Spoons Out For Harambe” tee from Grandex any time soon.

Hey, TFM Writer Jared Borislow here. If you don’t like us plugging our Harambe t-shirts, then, whatever you do, do NOT click here or here. Seriously, don’t. It will only infuriate you.

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