Misogynistic App State Frat Star Bravely Called Out For Holding Door Open For Strong, Capable Woman

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Nice Move

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One of my friends from App State in North Carolina sent me the following status update from his Facebook feed earlier today. It is … something else.


With much dismay, I will post my first facebook status in years.

Today in Boone, it is cold and rainy. Whilst walking into the library, I saw behind me, a girl who looked to be running to the library to either eagerly pursue her academic career or escape the cold rain (probably the latter). I decided to respectfully wait on her with the open door in order to help out one of my fellow mountaineers. Without skipping a beat, she exclaimed “This is one of the many things that is wrong with you misogynistic frat pigs” then proceeded to walk into the library.


Confirmed the cold and rainy weather, btw. This story checks out on that end.

Sorry, bro — it’s 2015. You think women can’t open their own doors in the cold rain? Shame on you. I bet you also think it’s okay to pull a chair out for a lady when she’s sitting down at a table, or think it’s okay to let a lady fill her plate with food first, don’t you? You’re a fucking pig dude, for real. Check your privilege, bro.

I’m excited for the campus-wide rally at App State to get this guy expelled for being polite.

Pretty bold of this chick to call out the guy holding the door open for her and then STILL WALK THROUGH IT. Dude should have slammed it in her face.

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