Missouri Baseball Team Uses Ginger Voodoo In Attempt To Rally Against Bama

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Nice Move

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I’m sure all of you saw this live and have been locked in to the riveting action that’s been going on in the SEC Baseball tournament, but in case you missed it, Missouri resorted to some ginger voodoo to try to ignite a rally and get the bats going.

This was apparently the heat the Tigers needed…

Until it wasn’t. Sadly, the fire dome just wasn’t enough, and Missouri fell short, losing to Alabama 4-3. Though discouraging, I’m a guy that looks for silver linings and I believe we have something here, gentlemen. This needs to be a “thing” for all future ginger pledges. Life dealt them this shit hand for a reason, and it’s time we all start to cash in on their misfortune.

[via Barstool Sports]

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