Mitt and the AMAZING Sandwich Machine

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Nice Move

No unfortunately that’s not the title of a terrible children’s adventure book from the mid 1980’s. God I wish it was. A boy and his trusty sandwich robot solving crimes and feeding the hungry? Yeah, I’d read that.

In case you missed it, on Monday MSNBC partook in the standard cable news practice of selectively editing clips of politicians they don’t like. Generally that type of lazy “hey we desperately need something to talk about” journalism wouldn’t be noted by anyone other than Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, and rightfully so. However this particular bit of selective editing is especially stupid, and drew the ire of conservative and liberal news outlets alike.

In the clip below MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell introduces a clip of Mitt Romney talking about a sandwich ordering touchscreen from a restaurant chain called “WaWa.” Her introduction would have you believe, with the reference to George H.W. Bush’s “supermarket scanner moment,” that Mitt Romney is easily impressed and was “amazed” by a relatively pedestrian piece of technology. The clip, which cuts short Romney’s whole spiel on the sandwich machine, reinforces this.

DEERRRRRRRRPPPPPP Mitt Romney is bad at computers! Mitt Romney uses an old Nokia brick cell phone! DERP DUH DERP DUH DERP!

God this is stupid. What’s even the point to this? Does anyone really believe Mitt Romney is bad with technology? Or that he hasn’t seen a touchscreen before? I’m fairly certain that Mitt Romney is so rich that if he pleased he could have a battalion of Davids, the Michael Fassbender robot from Prometheus, manufactured and programmed to be the butlers at all of his homes.

The point Romney was trying to make, which MSNBC purposely cut short, was about how innovations like touch screens at fast food restaurants are a triumph of the private sector. Not exactly a life and death point to miss, but still, c’mon. Can MSNBC try and act like it’s not full of shit for three seconds? Andrea Mitchell played the clip in full at the outset of her show today after being contacted by the RNC.

Cable news, I hate you.



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    I don’t understand why they’re so flabbergasted by this. The first time I ever went to Moe’s and saw the touch screen soda machine with 2000+ choices I was blown away.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago
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    I am drot nunk

    Notice, after the video clip of Romney, she has to instigate conversation with her fellow news reporter. Just shows how awkward and stupid her idea was.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago

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