We found this on Reddit with the caption “My brother and I became US citizens today.” Welcome to America, you guys. TFM.

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    I’m a 7th generation, Anglo-saxon, Protestant, Republican American, and I think this is just grand. Everyone bashing these guys for immigrating here (the right way) are ignorant, pretentiously-pompous, assholes who probably aren’t even members of a real frat. Immigrants aren’t stealing our jobs, they’re just outworking/outsmarting your sorry ass. Man up and do something with your life besides bashing people aspiring to do more with theirs.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 3 years ago
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    I fucking love America. Baseball, Apple Pie, big titties everywhere, Greek life, titties, College football, the Marine Corps, and titties. God damn this is the greatest country on Earth

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    This is awesome. We’re a country of immigrants, and the best kind of immigrant isn’t just the one who comes here for real American opportunity, it’s the one who says “America kicks ass. Fuck that shithole I came from and everything about it.”

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