Explaining to hotel staff that if they won’t let you scuba dive drunk then they shouldn’t advertise it as a vacation activity. TFM.

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    This one time me and one of my pledge brothers were walking back to the frat castle from the bars and suddenly this smokin ass slam runs right in front of us literally half naked. We both stopped looked at her, wondering why she was running without a shirt on then a cop car appeared going in the same direction. At this point we decided to keep walking. 5 minutes later we were almost back at the house when the same girl appeared from a bush across the street she started running towards us. she ran up to us and asked if we could hide her for a while. My brother said yea sure before I had a chance to ask her why she was running from the cops, but she was hot so I let it go. Once we were inside I asked her and she said she got into a fight with another girl and the girl ripped her shirt. Then she punched the other girl knocking her down where she hit her head against the ground at this point she was drunk so she took off her shirt since she thought it looked bad ripped then she started running which caught the attention of a cop who was passing by. Sounded reasonable to me so we started taking shots with her. Then we Eiffel towered that bitch and kicked her ass out. The end.

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      NoFat Chicks

      I think they are posting their own TFM’s because the ones submitted by users blow Dorn’s dick. If user submitted TFM’s were better, they would not have to post them themselves.

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