Mizzou Pays For ‘Thank You’ Letter in UGA Newspaper

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Nice Move

I’m still on the fence with this one. Half of me thinks it was a decent, respectable gesture to their first SEC opponent, kind of like a “Glad to be here” and “We hope you all had a good time” type of thing. It also makes sense to try and make amends after Sheldon “The Mouth” Richardson made his ridiculous comments about Georgia’s “old man” style of football. Nice call, Sheldon.

The other half me thinks it’s a desperate attempt to try and fit in, and why are you thanking a team that just smashed your dicks in the dirt and stomped them out in the 4th quarter? It’s football, not a tea party.





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    I’m sorry, but isn’t the SEC and Greek life as a whole supposed to be all about classiness and “Southern” hospitality? That’s exactly what the opposing team is slamming Columbia for. Georgia fans claimed to a newspaper that Mizzou students were “too nice” while they visited Columbia? How awful for them to be greeted with open arms so far from home! While I admit that I personally wouldn’t have paid for that letter, there are far worse things that could happen. And let’s be real for a minute: while Mizzou students were nice to your faces and apparently in your newspapers, everyone talks shit behind your backs. I don’t care who you are; it’s a fact. Drink a sweet tea vodka and get over it. Stay classy, UGA.

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      I don’t think the niceness thing will be like this forever. I bet after this year, possibly even just that game, it’ll be more like what everyone else in the SEC is used to. It was the inaugural game for a school that is very excited to make the move – just in the honeymoon phase. Gameday attire is always traditionally gold, especially for that game, “‘Gold rush.’ Can’t say much to the bars though, I don’t know about that.

      My biggest thing is that fact fans didn’t bother to stay all game.

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      I find it funny that people are complaining about Mizzou being “too nice”.. Mizzou fans are dicks to Kansas because of the rivalry. You should be grateful Mizzou showed great hospitality and a fun time, for some, and not acted like a bunch of stuck up dicks.

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      ^No way…making the trip to the game, I will say that Columbia was a great place, and a perfect fit for an SEC college town. The food was great, the girls were above average (still hold nothing on UGA or Ole Miss), and it was an overall great experience.

      While I think Mizzou can eventually be a real SEC team, I have 3 huge knocks on them right now. 1) The bars closed at 1am? What the fuck is that. 2) They had zero idea what SEC gameday attire entails. 3) This was the biggest knock in my opinion: The fans were just way too damn nice. There is nothing like going into an opposing SEC town and talking shit to every single person there. This wasn’t the case is Mizzou. Now, I know they have the capacity for hate: when the Kansas-Rice game was on, I was convinced that the Mizzou fans literally would like to take a shit in the mouth of every Jayhawk on the field. But they’ve got to translate this to SEC play, rather than rolling out the red carpets and treating opposing fans like royalty. Its what the SEC is all about.

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      Tallapoosa Snu

      ^^ totally agreed. I’m not saying we have to go stabbing people in parking lots, but here in the SEC, we talk shit to everyone. The opposition is the enemy. A little good ol’ fashioned hate makes the game better for everyone. I’m all for sportsmanship, but the pussification of America is starting to get a little out of hand. Be a man and tell that kid in the opponents jersey he’s a piece of shit and his grandma is a terrible fuck because he goes to the wrong school and you’re better than him

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      ^You’re a giant pussy. You probably wrote this letter. Go suck your mom’s teet a little more. Actually, I’ll do it for you.

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    Mizzou, you are a baby in the SEC. Don’t try to act cute and don’t try to fit in with the big [bull]dogs in the SEC. Pathetic. Plan on being sent back to “mid-Missouri” crying 6-times this Fall, and do NOT think about sending another “Thank You” note. Oh, aren’t y’all supposed to have a brilliant Journalism school? Hopefully you think twice, pussycats.

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    The Waltz

    This ad was taken out by a private business organization, not the athletic department or anyone affiliated with the school. “Tiger Town USA” is some bullshit tailgating event some guy is trying to put on downtown to try and fit in with The Grove, etc. He’s too much of a geed to realize all of the good tailgating is in Greektown.

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    A&m and mizzou are so fucking pathetic. We get it. You’re glad to be in the SEC. Now shut the fuck up and pretend like you’ve been a member forever.

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      “We were really horsewhipped. We had a lousy defense. We did not expect anyone to run down the field on us like they did, like they were playing a barber college. They toyed with us like children. They beat us every way known to man. They out-everythinged us. We were really fortunate. The Tigers deserved to beat us by more points than they did.”
      -Bear Bryant on Mizzou

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