Mizzou Players Dance At Practice, Probably Need To Focus More On Football

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Nice Move

The days of sorority girls in sundresses, two-story beer bongs, and Saturday gameday blackouts are almost upon us, as college football season is just around the corner.

The University of Missouri squad is flying high right now, coming off back-to-back SEC East titles (an amazing feat considering they’re clearly in the West).

And when coaches in Columbia say it’s time to shake off the long, football-less summer, they mean it.

Here are the fat men of Mizzou’s O-line dancing to the Macarena during warm-ups:

The attempt is there, but the execution is so so so fat man-esque.

Every team has their own “thing” at practices to keep the players from going postal, and this is the Tigers’ “thing,” apparently.

Here’s one of them doing the conga line:

Another conga line:

And the Cupid Shuffle (because why not):

It’s a good thing they’re getting their dancing in now so they can grow up to be equally awful dancing head coaches.

Good thing they’re getting their celebrating in early this season, though. There may not be much to celebrate with less shitty Georgia, Arkansas, and Tennessee teams looming. Also, there is a Florida squad that’s not a complete abortion.

The only dancing these guys may be doing is at Harpo’s dance basement/moist dungeon known as 10 Below.

Less conga line, more goal line.


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