MMA Hottie Has as Much Sex as Possible Before Her Fights

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Nice Move

Ronda Rousey is the latest female MMA sensation. She’s also easy on the eyes, hard-bodied, and has a pre-fight routine that involves intercourse. Just a whole mess of intercourse, as she told Jim Rome on his new, more mature content-oriented talk show.

When it came to the topic of sex before fights, Ronda gave a similar briefing to Rome as the one she gave on the Conan O’Brien show earlier this year. “For girls its raises your testosterone so I try to have as much sex as possible before I fight actually,” Rousey explained to her fellow SoCal native. “Not with like, everybody. I don’t put out Craigslist’s ads or anything. If I got a steady I’m gonna be like, ‘Yo, fight time’s coming up,”‘ Rousey continued.

I bet whoever has to handle that woman in the sack on fight day comes away feeling like he just went toe-to-toe with ’90s Mike Tyson for a few rounds. Dude’s got to be in shape.




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